Support the CHI St. Vincent Employee Giving Campaign 2022

We are St. Vincent Strong.

Coworkers throughout our ministry are always willing to help people in need. You band together in times of tremendous hardships to respond quickly and help neighbors and fellow coworkers heal. You advocate for those who are vulnerable, and innovate how and where healing can happen—both inside our hospitals and out in our communities.

This year, the CHI St. Vincent Employee Giving Campaign 2022 focuses on supporting our Coworker Scholarship and Sharing funds.

  • Coworker scholarships provide financial support to our colleagues continuing their educational development.
  • The Sharing fund, through applicant requests, supports coworkers in times of need.
  • All coworkers in our ministry (including our vendor partners) can apply for scholarships to support their continuing educational goals or to apply for financial assistance in times of need.

These are just a couple examples of coworker generosity in action, which continues to humble us. If you are able, philanthropy is one way to deepen that commitment to generosity and each other.

Through your generosity, you can support the people who strive to make our community healthy—each other!

Click here to make your donation.

For more information, call 501.552.2380.