Tarah Johnston’s Humankindness Earns Her a DAISY Award

Join us in celebrating Tarah Johnston, RN, for being named a DAISY Award winner!

Tarah works in SICU in Hot Springs and was nominated by a coworker for the recognition.

“This nurse went above and beyond for her patient by taking care of his physical, mental, and emotional needs.”

A patient was under Tarah’s care after a car accident, and he was worried about getting home to his wife because she had dementia and he was her primary caregiver. Tarah advocated to get his head CT taken care of super early so he could get home to his wife because she had gotten lost the day before while driving.

Unfortunately, the patient’s wife got lost on the way to the hospital to pick him up. A kind stranger, who drove up on the patient’s wife, called the unit and helped Tarah locate them.

Between the sweet stranger and Tarah, they were able to get the patient’s wife to a local police station. Since the patient had been in a wreck the night before, his wife had their only vehicle and he was very stressed about how she was lost again, and how he was going to get a taxi to where she was.

Tarah ended up taking her lunch early and volunteered to drive her patient to the police station and his wife!

“This is just one of the many amazing things she has done for her patients. She truly is an amazing nurse who is a ray of sunshine for her patients and her coworkers. We can’t think of a more deserving nurse for the DAISY award.”