Trish Nicholas Named Service Hero at Hot Springs

Trish Nicholas was recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Trish was nominated by the team at Arkansas Organ Recovery Agency.

The mission of ARORA is to restore lives, and to do that, they work closely with their hospital partners. During one recent event, Trish helped when minutes mattered.

The ARORA team needed additional medical record information to determine whether a patient would be eligible to become a tissue donor. Unfortunately, it was after the business hours of the medical records department. The information was needed within 30 minutes due to time restraints on our process. 

“I made a phone call and requested assistance from this hero. Without hesitation, Trish was willing to assist me with this task. She provided the requested information within 15 minutes, and I was able to pass this information to our team within the 30-minute time frame.”

Without the help of Trish, the family would have lost the opportunity for their loved one to help enhance the lives of others through the gift of tissue donation. This person deserves to be honored not only for this situation, but for her support and work with ARORA. 

“Trish works to help create a culture of donation year-round at Hot Springs. She has invited us to speak at nurse manager meetings on several occasions. We’ve been given the opportunity to host in-services about the donation process to help educate the nursing staff. 

“She plays an essential role with helping to manage the care of patients that become donors in the SICU. During the donation process, Trish displays your core values of Reverence, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence for each patient and their families.”