Vogel Family Scholarships Awarded

Thank you to the Vogel Family whose generous giving year after year makes these scholarships possible! Your generosity enables our coworkers to enhance their education and supports our commitment to excellence. The Vogel Family Scholarships include scholarships in the following categories:

Vogel Family Nursing Scholarship

Makala Crutchfield                             Sarah Johnson
Kemi Fabunmi                                     Megan Kellar
Renee Fechuch                                    Heather Kosters
Barbara Hobby                                    Elizabeth Mahan

Vogel Family Nursing Scholarship Honoring Dean Kumpuris, M.D.

Melissa Gargus

Vogel Family Scholarship, BS in Radiology

Emily Sparkman

Vogel Family Radiology Advanced Certification Scholarship

Cindy Ball                                           Debra Manuel
Beneda Belford-Loy                         Carla McDonald
Melissa Dunk-Mirabel                     Richard Noel
Tiffanie Fowlkes                                Sarah Stanley
Kory Heidecker                                 Carrie Talburt
Candace Johnson                             Felicia Woodard
Portia Macon

Vogel Family Nurse Certification in Radiology

Bethany Taylor

Vogel Family Radiology Student Scholarships

Chelsea Shivers                                 Logan Hailey
Trevor Wilson                                   Spencer Hughes