Pharmacy Team Members Recognized at Conference

Congratulations to our pharmacy team for receiving several awards from the Arkansas Association of Health-System Pharmacists during their fall conference.

Megan Doyle was named Residency Preceptor of the Year; Chad Krebs was named Manager of the Year; and Virginia Porter was named Staff Pharmacist of the Year Award.

Megan’s Residency Preceptor of the Year Award recognizes a preceptor who has demonstrated exceptional mentorship in developing residents by serving as a role model with passion for knowledge sharing. From Megan’s nomination:

“Her guidance and facilitating helped me to develop great relationships with the NPs, physicians, and nurses. It was rewarding to have them reaching out to me with questions throughout the day, and Meagan would allow me to think through and respond to them on my own. This was probably the first time all year that I truly felt confident in my abilities.”

Virginia’s Staff Pharmacist of the Year Award recognizes a staff pharmacist who has exhibited interest and incentive in the practice of the profession of pharmacy above the level required in a staff position. From Virginia’s nomination:

“This pharmacist has worked for our organization for over 35 years. She is unmatched in the level of quality that she provides to her patients. She takes pride in her work and is meticulous with medication verification. She always scans the patient’s medication profile for things that others may have missed and she immediately addresses any concerns with physicians so that our patients get the excellent care that they deserve. She is not afraid to ask questions when things don’t make sense, and she will always call attention to things that are not done in a safe manner.  She truly exemplifies the heart of safety that we so dearly desire for our patients. …She is one of the most compassionate women you will ever meet and is well deserving of this award.”

Chad’s Manager of the Year award recognizes the work of a pharmacist in a purely management position. From Chad’s nomination:

“Chad facilitates our P&T Committee and Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee and has had an instrumental role in improvements for Surgical Site Infection Prevention in the past year. In the past 18 months, Chad’s leadership allowed our department to make the following accomplishments:         

  • Rounding with CVICU Intensivist Team (new pharmacy service)
  • Changes to the EHR to ensure that a pharmacist reviews all orders in the ED
  • Addition of the first pharmacist specialist position for the organization
  • Increased Pharmacy Preceptors for local colleges of pharmacy from 2 pharmacists to 8 pharmacists
  • Eliminated Injectable Promethazine from formulary (ISMP Best Practice #13)
  • Implemented ASHP’s Standardize 4 Safety Initiative in 3 hospitals
  • Establishment of “Central Line Only” policy for administration of medications with vesicant properties
  • Establishment of a pharmacy protocol to address duplicate therapy
  • Automatic discontinuation protocol for alvimopan
  • Relocation of the decentralized clinical pharmacists to improve communication and provide optimal care