Click Now to Support the 2020 Coworker Campaign

The CHI St. Vincent Employee Giving Campaign launches at this time each year. The goal is to promote generosity toward our fellow coworkers and the underserved in our healing community.

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When you give to the coworker campaign, you can choose to donate one of these four areas:

  • Coworker Scholarships
  • Danny’s Gift
  • Hot Springs 3D Mammography
  • Sharing

When you give to the coworker sharing fund, you are supporting our coworkers who have an unexpected financial need as well as some of our more vulnerable patients who need a little help with their path to wellness. Any coworker is eligible to apply, and coworkers do not need to contribute to receive help. The sharing fund is administered by a council of coworkers who determine how funds are distributed.

When you give to the coworker scholarship fund, you help coworkers achieve their goals. A coworker showed her appreciation for being a recipient of a 2019 scholarship: “The coworker scholarship means everything to me: it is helps me achieve my goals without worrying about how I can afford to return to school; it gives me a sense of relief knowing that I have the opportunity to continue my education and focus on the most important part of education instead of how I will ever pay this money back. Since I have received the coworker scholarship I’ve been able to have more time to study and learn, which is leading to better grades, retention of knowledge, and continuing on to graduate college. I am so grateful, blessed, and very humble. I appreciate my coworkers’ support for this opportunity and allowing me to fulfill my dreams.”

When you give to Danny’s Gift, you are supporting family members of those receiving neuro critical care. This is one family’s story: A family arrived from hours away in hopes of the husband getting evaluated for possible surgery. They had just eaten their last bologna sandwiches and had no money for lodging. The family’s resources are very limited, so they had not planned on staying overnight. The patient developed seizures and was admitted; the family members were suddenly caught far from home and planned to sleep in their car. Through Danny’s Gift, they were provided lodging for two nights and meal tickets.

When you give to the Hot Springs 3D Mammography fund, you support life-saving technology for Hot Springs and southwest Arkansas. 3D mammography helps doctors find small tumors that may not be clearly visible with 2D mammography. Screening with 3D mammography detects up to 40% more invasive cancers, allowing earlier diagnosis and treatment. And when you’re dealing with the second leading cause of death for women in the U.S., early detection is your best defense.

The greatest act of gratitude is giving, and when you give to the employee giving campaign, we are all lifted.

Click here to give or to learn all the ways you can participate in the campaign, including payroll deduction, donation of PTO hours, cash donation or other one-time gifts.