4N Team at Infirmary Recognized as Service Heroes

The nursing team members on 4 North at the Infirmary were recognized as Service Heroes for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

The patient praised everyone who cared for them during their stay, from transport to nursing staff and physicians to EVS.

I was treated unfailingly with courtesy, respect, dignity, kindness, patience and even some needed humor thrown in.

The patient especially praised the nursing team on 4 North. “Every time I had to ring for a nurse for a myriad of minor calls, one was prompt, courteous and never once was impatient with me. Rarely have I ever been treated with such good care all around.”

The patient praised the hospital’s personal feel.

“Something I really appreciated was the hospital felt smaller, more caring, less “big” and looming. It had a neighborhood feel and that was the sense that remained with me most of all. I have made the decision that the Infirmary is “my hospital” and will remain that way. I have been to other Little Rock hospitals where I felt like a nondescript and anonymous number, not so at the Infirmary.”