Alyssa Huber Named Service Hero at the Infirmary

Alyssa Huber, a diet tech at the Infirmary, was named a Service Hero for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Alyssa was nominated by a patient who was especially grateful for the care she received. The patient said her medication often made her confused, and she was unclear what she should eat because of her dietary restrictions. Alyssa cared for her “as if I was her sister or her mother.

“Alyssa went out of her way to call me to make sure that my orders were placed, and she took her time and read the menu to me even though I had a menu handy. She took the time to explain my dietary restrictions, and she even encouraged me to stick to my diet so that I can feel better. She made me feel more comfortable about my meals.

“And this was not out of the ordinary for her. Every meal that she worked she was very sweet and asked me how I felt about the food choices, and she went over other options and was very patient with me.”

Her demeanor and attitude helped shape the image I had about the entire hospital. …It’s what she’s doing behind the scenes quietly every single day that is helping people and helping them feel better.