Amber Brossett Recognized as Infirmary Service Hero

Amber Brossett, who works in Case Management at the Infirmary, was recognized as a Service Hero for the displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Amber was nominated by a coworker for her dedication to patient care.

“Amber Brossett is one the best social workers I have ever worked with. She was placed with MICU/SICU/5E, and I have noticed an incredible change in getting our patient’s placement and discharge needs met. The progress she has made on some of our more difficult cases has been astounding.”

The nomination praised the time and attention she gives to each patient and their families while also caring for her bedside coworkers.

“One thing I absolutely love is that though Amber works with incredible efficiency, she spends a significant amount of time with the patients and families building a rapport. She knows them all by name and displays such compassion for their situation. To top that off, she worries about our bedside staff and the stress we have endured during the pandemic. She is constantly looking for ways to provide gratification and services to our bedside coworkers.

“Amber is definitely one in a million, and I can’t find the best words to elaborate on how much of a blessing she has been to us and our patients.”