Brooke Copeland Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Part of providing the best possible care for our patients is continually asking if there is a better way, not just accepting the way things have always been done. This is even more important when our patients can’t speak for themselves. Brooke Copeland, certified lactation consultant, asked that question. It led to her instrumental involvement in implementing the glucose gel protocol in the Hot Springs nursery.

Infants with low blood sugar often require IV fluids which necessitated a transfer the the Intensive Care Nursery area meaning the infant was separated from their mother, often interfering with breastfeeding. Dr. Ashley Ross, Neonatologist from Arkansas Children’s Hospital saw Brooke’s poster presentation used to educate the nursery nurses during a site visit. He was so impressed he wanted to share the information with the other Nursery Alliance members. To date UAMS, Conway Regional, Jefferson Regional in Pine Bluff, and Ashley County Medical Center in Crossett have all implemented the glucose gel protocol.

Thank you Brooke, for being an example of excellence for all of us! #CHILivingOurMission