EmployeeCentral Will Put Everything HR at Your Fingertips

Later this month, we’ll introduce EmployeeCentral, our new HR portal and contact center. It will replace HR/Payroll Connection.

EmployeeCentral will be your go-to online destination for everything HR. This new tool is:

  • Easy.  Just click, tap or call for answers to your HR questions.
  • Personal. It puts your information on pay, time off and much more at your fingertips.
  • Flexible. Access EmployeeCentral on your computer, tablet or phone 24/7.

When EmployeeCentral goes live, look for the EmployeeCentral avatar on the screen. The avatar, known as EVA (Employee Virtual Agent) will help you find the commonly requested information, quickly and easily.  

EmployeeCentral is a key integration project that will touch all CommonSpirit Health employees.  With this new system,  we’re bringing 150,000-plus employees in 21 states closer together to more effectively work for the common good.

Watch for more information as we get closer to launching EmployeeCentral.