Congratulations Amin Katkhordeh for Winning a DAISY Award!

Amin Katkhordeh, RN, 5W, Infirmary, was recently recognized as a DAISY Award winner for September 2022.

He was nominated by a patient’s family member for his excellent care of their grandma.

The family member said their grandma had dementia after heart surgery. Amin graciously explained everything to her no matter how many times she became confused and needed something explained again. On top of caring for the patient, he also took the time to care for the family members after the patient’s surgery and recovery.

Family members were very thankful for Amin being so genuine and for visiting their grandma when she was moved to CVSD. They said Amin also kept her calm while removing a central line.

“We could not have asked for a better caretaker. It was very easy to tell that we weren’t just a number to him. He went above and beyond!”