Dr. David E. Pruitt Honored as Service Hero

Congratulations Dr. David E. Pruitt, Radiation Oncology, for being named a Hot Springs Service Hero!

Dr. Pruitt has been with CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs Cancer Center for more than 20 years.

“He has truly sacrificed most of his waking hours during these years to the care of his cancer patients.”

The coworker who nominated him for the award said during most of his time at CHI St. Vincent, he has been the only radiation oncologist, therefore, he’s had a packed schedule. They said even when his schedule has been full, if one of the medical oncologists calls him, he will always accommodate the physician request and see a patient.

He also follows many of his patients for years and is often the only physician some of these patients see because they trust him.

Coworkers describe him as extremely ethical and always doing what is best for the patient. He is known to be a patient advocate as far as making sure the patient has transportation, lodging, and the resources they may need during their radiation therapy. 

However, the coworker said Dr. Pruitt’s best example of service is his work with Aloe Vera Juice to help reduce side effects of radiation therapy in the esophagus.

He researched how to prevent patients from having a Peg tube placed and needing a very expensive pharmaceutical medication. He then worked with nursing to submit the only FDA approved research study called SMAP-AV, Saving Mucosa with Prophylactic Aloe Vera Therapy, which was a very successful research study.  He will be able to publish the results next year after final IRB submission!

“He is a role model example of a great Radiation Oncologist and Service Hero who represents our hospital well.”