Earn Cash When Your Referral Is Hired

Every time you refer a new coworker, you can earn a referral bonus if they are hired to a full-time position. 

  • Up to $15,000 per referral with no limitNew — now paid in a lump sum at 90 days. 
  • Your candidate does not have to work in your specialty. For example, an administrative assistant or physical therapist can refer nurses and pharmacy techs to earn multiple referral bonuses.
  • You can earn a referral bonus for referring coworkers to another CHI St. Vincent location – your friend or family member does not have to work at your location.
  • Supervisors and above are eligible if you refer a coworker outside your area of hiring responsibility.

Applicants must put your full name on their application when they apply at chistvincent.com/careers

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