Experience the new EmployeeCentral

EmployeeCentral just became your go-to destination for even more.

The new and improved Employee Central is your employee destination for helpful information, redesigned to make your experience simpler and easier.

Visit EmployeeCentral to find the InsideCHI frequently used Clinical Links, Tools and information.  Use the Navigation Guide to take a guided tour of the new and improved features and keep it handy to help locate important information. 

This spring more than 2,500 CommonSpirit colleagues contributed feedback and suggested improvements to EmployeeCentral. The goal: Improve navigation and further personalize the employee experience. 

Recently, we circled around and showed these employees the redesigned homepage – and received positive feedback in return. This week, we are excited that everyone across our ministry began experiencing our redesigned, go-to employee destination for helpful information. A big “thank you” to these colleagues who suggested improvements – improvements that benefit all.