Introducing the Hot Springs 2024 AHA Sweethearts

Hot Springs had their first onsite event for the 2024 American Heart Association Sweethearts!

The young ladies learned about Early Heart Attack Care or also known as EHAC, heart attack signs and symptoms, prevention, healthy nutrition, dental health, and spent time making heart healthy smoothies with the CHI St. Vincent team.

Those helping included Dr. Jason Pelton, Cardiologist/Interventionist, Dr. Daron Praetzel, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Mike Long, Cardiac/Heart Center Manager, Tonya Baier, Clinical Director, BSN RN, Kelly Helton, BSN RN, Quality Management/STEMI Coordinator, Christle Loudermilk, BSN RN, Bariatric Coordinator and Ashlee Stewart, MS, RDN, LD.

The 2024 AHA Sweethearts include: Sophie Botter, Catherine Bourgeios, Abby Burden, Sophia Capella, Hadley Dodge, Emma Foster, Madison Gibson, Mollie Gidcomb, Hope Graham, Brinklee Heath, Audrey Herrell, Kaley Hobby, Jamison Huffman, Morgan Humble, Annabelle Hurst, Baryett Janes, Kayleigh Janes, Adalyn Johnson, Jaden Johnson, Madison Kingsmill, Addison Moore, Allie Quast, Ellie Ramer, Addyson Ray, Shaylin Reynold, Keme Rynders, Adelyn Sanders, Madeline Slaton, Madelyn Tankersley, Allyson Tankersley, Jenna Thaxton, Anna Thompson, Laynee Throgmartin, Megan Tillery, Evangeline Trisler, Avery Walls, Brooklyn Ward, Helen Whorton and Campbell Wood.