Kandy Cia Retires After 50 Years at Infirmary

Congratulations to Kandy Cia, a nurse on 4W at the Infirmary, who recently retired after spending more than 50 years at the Infirmary.

Kandy graduated from the Infirmary’s Nursing program in April 1968 (her class photo hangs in the Education Hall at the Infirmary), and she began working at the Infirmary in 1971.

Coworkers praised the love, compassion and kindness Kandy showed to patients throughout her career.

When asked what advice she would give to a new nurse, Kandy shared the following:

  • Find your niche, enjoy what you do. There are multiple avenues for nurses these days.
  • Have a relationship with your patients. Learn something about them so that you can connect in a meaningful way.
  • Knowing your doctors is key. Build your confidence by learning their likes and dislikes.

When Kandy chose a career, most professional roles for women were limited to healthcare, education or the military. She said she chose to be a nurse and would choose it again today based on her career.

Kandy will be greatly missed by her patients and her coworkers.