North Team Recognized with Spotlight Award

North was recognized with the Spotlight Award for the care they provided to a critically ill patient.

A patient was admitted for a routine procedure in the Cath Lab and was expected to return home after recovery. The patient’s recovery was going well without any complications.

Cynthia Clement, RN, was performing her routine post-procedure assessment and detected a life-threatening complication. She set into motion the events that saved this patient’s life.

Cynthia immediately contacted Dr. Yazen Ghosheh, who stabilized the patient and found the issue after obtaining an emergent CT scan. Dr. Ghosheh notified the Cath Lab and transported the patient for an emergency intervention.

The Cath Lab team immediately contacted Jeffery Lynch, RN, Director of the Cath Lab, who returned after leaving for the day. Jeff contacted Melissa Morgan, RN, Gary Washam, APRN, and Angeline Jez, RN. 

Joe Towles from Laboratory also returned after leaving for the day to prepare blood transfusions. Dr. Seth Easley, Emergency Room Physician, and the Emergency-Room nursing staff kept the patient stable. This support allowed Dr. Ghosheh to successfully repair the bleed. The patient experienced a great outcome due to this outstanding team.

North’s teamwork was on display throughout this event. Team members involved include: Tara Anderson, RN, John Bailey, RN, McKayla Ball, RN, Lauren Clem, RN, Cynthis Clement, RN, Brenda Cothran, RN, Dr. Seth Easley, Sylvia Fortson, RN, Dr. Yazan Ghosheh, Emily Hines, RN, Kareta Hopkins, RN, Angeline Jez, RN, Anita Lewis, RN, Jeffrey Lynch, RN, Melissa Morgan, RN, Brent Rechenbach, Todd Sann, RN, Joe Towles, Jenna Valovich, RN, and Gary Washam, APRN.