Romaine is the April Harvest of the Month

Romaine is the April Harvest of the Month. This month’s harvest has received some bad publicity in recent years. But Romaine calm–there’s no need to avoid this vegetable. Romaine lettuce is a leafy green often used in salads, is great for your bones and has an annual festival. Although some romaine lettuce was recently recalled by the Food and Drug Administration, as of January 15, 2020 the FDA has proclaimed romaine safe.

During the month of April you may find romaine used more abundantly in a variety of recipes from our cafeterias.

Did You Know?

  • The most flavorful part of romaine is toward the center of the head, which is why it is often packaged with outer layers removed.
  • Yuma, Arizona provides up to 90% of U.S. grown leafy vegetables, including romaine, from November to March. It is recognized at the sunniest place in the world.
  • A Yuma Lettuce Festival, which also celebrates Romaine is held annually in Yuma, Arizona.

Try These Delicious Recipes

Lettuce Wraps
Romaine Tacos
Grilled Caesar Salad

How to Buy and Store: When selecting romaine, look for leaves that are crisp or rigid and avoid leaves that are limp and wilted. Always be sure to thoroughly wash romaine before using it in dishes. Wash the leaves in cool water to preserve their integrity. Before storing or serving cleaned romaine be sure that it has dried. Salad dressing will not stick to wet leaves and stored wet leaves can become mushy.

Making it Kid-Friendly: Romaine is mild and nearly flavorless, making it an easy-to-accept vegetable for most kids. Try sprinkling it atop tacos, casseroles, and in any of your favorite family meals. Consider serving side salads made with romaine with your meals as a way to improve your kid’s acceptance of leafy greens. Using romaine instead of tortillas or wraps can be a great way to introduce romaine as a finger food.

Nutrition and Health Benefits: Eating romaine lettuce is a great way to get an array of vitamins and minerals. It contains calcium, which is essential for building and maintaining bone strength. Romaine contains phosphorus, another key mineral that which works alongside calcium to build strong bones. Romaine, along with all green leafy vegetables is also a good source of vitamin K which aides in blood clotting.

Calories: 36Vitamin K: 791ug
Total Fat: 0gFiber: 6g
Total Carbohydrate: 7gMagnesium: 75mg
Protein: 2.6gCalcium: 233mg
Folate: 485ug