Shaquina Swope and Alexandria Spann Named Infirmary Service Heroes

Shaquina Swope and Alexandria Spann were recognized as Service Heroes at the Infirmary for displaying the values of INTEGRITY and COMPASSION.

An older male entered the Outpatient Physical Therapy Department, saying he had come from the ER and he was looking for some food. Quana Swope began to investigate.

As it turns out, he was discharged from the ER earlier, but was told they would not be able to give him a meal ticket. Quana brought the man back to Outpatient Therapy where she relayed the events to her coworker Allie Spann. Without hesitation, Allie pulled out $20 of her own money and gave it to the gentleman for food and a ride home. Quana, in turn, took the patient to the cafeteria to get something to eat before he headed home.

Quana and Allie displayed our core values of integrity and compassion. They never hesitated to do what was needed to take care of one of our patients. They did the right thing and expected nothing in return. Quana and Allie have nothing but kindness and love in their hearts that flows out on a daily basis without effort. They are shining examples of what we should all strive to be. I am proud to be their coworker. Quana and Allie make us want to be better people.