Show the Smile Behind Your PPE

PPE keeps us safe, but it also covers up the main way we express emotion and compassion to our patients: our faces.

That’s why we are offering you an opportunity to connect on a more personal level with your patients by adding a personal 3 x 5 photo to your PPE that can show them the real you.

Click here to submit your photo.

Important Tips:

  • All photos must be vertical
  • Remember to submit a clear, hi-resolution photo of your face
  • Make sure you are the only person in the photo and that your face (and smile!) is clearly visible.

Please allow at least five days after submitting your photo for it to be ready. Stop by the screening station in the lobby of your hospital to pick up your photo. Photos will be placed in a clear sleeve that you can clip to your badge or attach to a lanyard.

These photos should not replace the current badges that all hospital employees wear. Creating these photos is not mandatory but a fun way to help connect our patients with the smiles behind the PPE.