Step Up Your Spirit Challenge


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Small steps each day can make a big impact on your health. Register today through August 2, 2015, for the Step Up Your Spirit Challenge and see how many steps you can take each week.

Here are the details:

Register for the challenge now through August 2, 2015. Take as many steps as you can during the challenge, August 3 to 30. Be a part of the winning location by encouraging your friends and colleagues to take as many steps as they can too.

When you take an average of 7,143 steps per day, or a total of 50,000 steps per week, you will receive:
• A $50 health account contribution if you haven’t met your $300 maximum yet
• Entry into a drawing for 31 $50 gift certificates, and two $500 gift certificates that will be awarded across CHI.

If you have a Fitbit, you can set it up to sync with your wellness website’s step tracker to offload your steps automatically. If you don’t have a Fitbit, you can enter your steps manually. Keep track of your steps each week and make sure you enter the total or ensure all of your steps were logged by the close of the challenge on August 30. (You don’t have to enter by a certain day each week).

If you have questions, contact Roberta Henry, your Healthy Spirit Champion.