Welcome the Ministry’s 400 Newest Coworkers by Lending a Hand

Our ministry continues to grow!

Since May, we have hired 405 new coworkers and 224 nurses. We have also hired 85 international nurses who are going through the VISA process.

  • May 16: 67 new coworkers; 20 RNS
  • May 31: 89 new coworkers; 38 RNs
  • June 13: 174 new coworkers; 138 RNs; 125 RNRPs
  • June 20: 24 new coworkers (additional non-clinical orientation)
  • June 27: 26 new coworkers; 7 RNs
  • July 11: 5 new coworkers; 2 RNs
  • July 25: 20 new coworkers; 19 RNRPs

We want to show humankindness to the newest members of our ministry. You can help by lending a hand.

Look for stickers with a helping hand on the badge of our new team members.

You can support our new team members by:

  • Introducing yourself
  • Reminding them you’re glad they’re part of our team
  • Letting them know you’re here to support them
  • Practicing patience: they’re still learning the ropes
  • Asking if you can answer any questions or help in any way
  • Assisting with wayfinding
  • Inviting new team members out for coffee or lunch