Winter Weather, COVID Create Emergency Need for Blood Donations

The Arkansas Blood Institute is experiencing an emergency need for blood donations of all types.

Historically, winter weather dramatically reduces blood donations, an issue that’s especially dangerous during a time when blood drives are already struggling with consistent collections due to COVID-related cancellations.

Blood has no substitute and has a shelf life of just 42 days. Blood supplies must be constantly replenished. The Arkansas Blood Institute provides every drop of blood for 40 hospitals and medical facilities across the state, requiring 1,200 donors each day to keep a healthy supply of blood on the shelf.

Donors can visit or call 877.340.8777 to schedule an appointment. Donations take about an hour, and most people 16 years and older in good health can donate.

Those who have received the most common COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) CAN donate without a deferral period. Those who have received other vaccinations must wait two weeks before donating.