Alex Troutte Named North Service Hero

Alex Troutte (from SVI) Radiology was named Service Hero at North for displaying the values of COMPASSION and EXCELLENCE.

It is often important for us to slow down and ask questions rather than blindly go through the motions of our day. Thankfully, Alex asked the right questions and went to great lengths to get the answer his patient needed.  The patient nominated Alex writing,

“I have a pain stimulator in my back.  He discussed this with me prior to my procedure (MRI).  He made many phone calls up to and including, to my doctor to see if we could do another procedure.  After all this he called Medtronic for me and got all the information needed for me to have/not have the MRI.  All of this was totally above his job requirements.  When someone such as Alex treats me like this, I will be back.”

Well done Alex!