Alex Wilkins Recognized as Infirmary Service Hero

Alex Wilkins was recognized as a Service Hero for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Alex, an Emergency Room Technician at the Infirmary, was recognized for her dedication to going “above and beyond” for her team and patients.

“Alex is one of the hardest working techs in the ER. No matter what needs to be done, Alex is always trying to go above and beyond to get it done. When Alex walks into work, nurses and doctors say, ‘Thank goodness you are here.’

“She bails us out every single shift she works. She constantly brings snacks, runs more COVID swabs than I can count to the lab, never hesitates to search the entire hospital for a single piece of equipment that we can’t seem to find, and stays late often to help the oncoming shift.

“Alex is the definition of excellence. As we all are exhausted, burned out and struggling, Alex does whatever she can to lighten our load and take care of us and all the patients.”