North Touch Points – Renovation Updates, Declare Intent, Submit Questions

North will be undertaking many renovation projects that enable us to move Arkansas Neuroscience Institute (ANI) to our campus later this year. We’ve put together a detailed project timeline so you can stay up-to-date with what’s happening.

• Renovate Pharmacy: February 5
• Build 10 New ICU Rooms: February 5
• Add 3TMRI: February 26
• Add 128 slice CT: April 2
• Biplane Renovation: April 9
• Build Transport Helipad: April 9
• Renovate 4 Operating Rooms: April 9

Declare your interest by March 1 and secure your shift!

To ensure that we have the needed resources to provide great care for our patients once ANI moves to North, we need you to declare your intent by March 1, 2018. Everyone is an important part of the team and we hope you decide to go with us!

Declare Interest

Submit your questions and get real answers from leaders!

If you have a question about the North project, Arkansas Neuroscience Institute, or your role in the move, submit them so we can get you real answers! You can also TEXT the word “NEURO” to 474747 to submit your questions by text message.

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