Bubbaque Brings Coworkers Together During Heritage Week

During Heritage Week, coworkers take the time to celebrate the history of CHI St. Vincent and honor the legacy the Sisters laid before us.

In Morrilton, part of that history and legacy includes coworkers gathering and grubbing on some barbeque, better known as “Bubbaque.”

“Bubbaque is where the best administrator ever cooks for his employees. There are two big grills and he starts at like 8:00am. He stays out there all morning cooking ribs, chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers,” said one coworker.

CHI St. Vincent Morrilton President, Bubba Arnold, said the tradition started about 10 or 11 years ago when he joined the Morrilton team.

“We’ve really got a strong medical community here so I wanted to do something for our team, but also for the clinics we work with, the ambulance service and the police,” said Arnold.

He said when he started making his own special BBQ sauce for the occasion, his wife dubbed the term “Bubbaque.”

Now, it’s an annual tradition that brings coworkers together for fellowship and a finger-licking good meal.

“It is delicious. The chicken is really good,” said a coworker.

“It’s pretty special. He does lots of things for us. He’s pretty involved and likes to make it special for his employees,” noted another coworker.