CHI St. Vincent Takes Part in the Fight Against Hunger in Arkansas

Our Vision at CHI St. Vincent is to make a healthier future for all – inspired by faith, driven by innovation, and powered by our humanity.

Two of our leaders are turning that vision into action by fighting against hunger in Arkansas! This is especially important as the state has the highest level of food insecurity in the country.

Dr. Jones, President of CHI St. Vincent Infirmary, joined the Arkansas Foodbank Board of Directors.

Tonya Baier, BSN, RN, MBA, CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs Clinical Director of Nursing, joined Project HOPE Food Bank’s Board of Directors.

The Infirmary is also working on a food program called Waste Not. This program will flash freeze cafeteria leftovers and use community volunteers to give to any staff person who’d like a meal. The aim is to reduce waste and increase our employees’ access to free meals without the stigma of meeting qualifications to receive a meal.

Hot Springs is working with a number of partners on SNAP outreach starting with senior subsidized housing units. The aim is to use survey results to target seniors and low income individuals with SNAP information and on-site assistance with the application process. We are going a step further by providing bus fare to those who don’t qualify for the free and reduced fare through city programs. Transportation was indicated in the survey as the “biggest barrier” to obtaining nutritious food.