Coming Soon: Annual Coworker Survey Begins May 3

It’s time for the annual coworker survey, and leaders need your feedback to continue to improve our workplace.

On May 3, coworkers will receive an email to participate in the survey from (sent by SMD/Press Ganey).

The survey will remain open until May 24. It takes about 10 minutes to complete, and your responses will be confidential.

Coworkers who take the survey by Wednesday, May 5 at 10pm will receive a free meal ticket for the cafeteria. To receive your ticket, you can take the survey at the designated rooms or show proof that you completed the survey (such a screenshot on your phone).

Coworkers can take the survey on a computer at their work space or by visiting designated rooms at each hospital.

Coworkers who take the survey before May 8 will be entered into a drawing to win prizes, including Sonos speakers. iPads, flat screen TVs, fit bits, coolers and more.

Please plan to participate in the survey; your responses will provide invaluable insights into what we can do to advance a positive, mission-driven, high-performance culture. For example, the 2020 coworker survey showed that you would like to continue your career growth. Through our MyJourney and My Knowledge Hub learning system, all employees now have access to a library of online and on-demand Professional Development Resources, including more than 400 courses, books and audiobook summaries.

Contract employees and anyone hired after Jan. 3, 2021 are not eligible to take the survey this year.