Congrats Jeff Watson, Hot Springs Service Hero

We’re happy to celebrate Jeff Watson, Nuclear Medicine Supervisor, as a Hot Springs service hero award winner!

Jeff was nominated by a coworker for his act of humankindness.

There was a patient whose clothing was not suitable to wear after the patient performed a stress test.  Coworkers looked extensively for paper scrubs, but couldn’t find anything appropriate. 

The team ended up putting the patient in a hospital gown, but Jeff didn’t want the patient to leave the hospital in a gown.

Jeff went to two different stores and personally purchased some pajama pants for the patient so the patient wouldn’t have to leave with nothing on, but a t-shirt and hospital gown.

“Jeff is always going above and beyond for our patients, but I feel he should definitely be recognized for this amazing act of kindness! Jeff Watson, thank you for your excellence and compassion!”