Dr. Ian Frani Celebrated as Service Hero Award Winner

Congratulations Dr. Ian Frani, Infectious Disease, for being named a service hero in Hot Springs for the month of August.

Dr. Frani was nominated by a number of coworkers for the following reasons:

  • Dr. Frani has established a culture of excellence in infectious disease throughout our ministry. Patients, physicians, coworkers, and various departments have spoken about his impact. 
  • A coworker has praised his care of their mother for his persistence and identification of an unusual blood infection. They complimented his knowledge, insight, and dedication that they believe has allowed their mother to still be here today and thriving after a prolonged recovery. I can confidently say our patients have received better care and are safer because of his diligence. 
  • His physician colleagues have stated they have appreciated his collaboration and thorough evidence-based approach for their patients. One particular doctor mentioned that while she is old enough to be his parent, he never fails to teach her something every time they interact. He has been consistently willing to go the extra mile to provide the best care possible to patients. His work ethic is stellar.  The medical staff have commented that they have enjoyed his friendship and sense of humor. 
  • Our pharmacists have praised his tremendous asset as chairman of our antimicrobial stewardship program. He has been a great teacher of our pharmacists and invested time to give informative lectures to the pharmacist regarding antibiotics.
  • Our nurses praise him stating he gives exemplary compassionate care, very knowledgeable, giving thorough assessments and recommendations accordingly.
  • He has fearlessly led our infection control committee with ease as we have made positive evidence based decisions. They praised his efforts with hand hygiene, increasing awareness and accountability.
  • Our residency program has also benefited from Dr Frani’s efforts. He has made an impact on future physicians that will be practicing Internal Medicine throughout our country. Infectious disease is the only specialty area where the residents have performed above national average on their testing.

“As you can see, Dr Frani has made a significant impact on individual patients, this facility, and community. We are appreciative to have had an opportunity to have his influence here. We know that you will leave a strong and positive impact wherever you go. We recognize you as a service hero and thank you for your dedication to this ministry. You will be missed.”