Dr. Mikeal Love Recognized as Infirmary Service Hero

Congratulations Dr. Mikeal Love for being named an Infirmary service hero!

Dr. Love was nominated by a patient’s close friend. The friend said they have worked in healthcare for several years and said Dr. Love is one of the most compassionate doctors they have ever witnessed.

“I sat with my friend as she was dying. She couldn’t talk but she was alert. I told stories of our past and sang Jesus songs as she prepared to enter Heaven. I’m not sure how long the transition lasted, but it was a long time. It seemed like only a few minutes. To my surprise, Dr. Love was in the room with me for every minute. He knew what to say, when to say it and when to be silent. He knew when my friend was experiencing pain and immediately responded,” said the patient’s friend.

The patient’s friend said Dr. Love showed support, answered questions and was a constant comfort during the very difficult process. He not only offered suggestions for mourning, but he gave advice on how to talk with the patient’s family about her passing.

Thank you Dr. Love for all the love you have shown to your patients!

“To find a doctor who has mastered his trade and is willing to display compassion is an extremely valuable asset to your hospital. I hope all recognize what a jewel Dr. Love is not only to the hospital but to the people he serves.”