Bonnie Ward Named Infirmary Service Hero

Congratulations Bonnie Ward, Market Director, Marketing and Communication, for being recognized as an Infirmary service hero!

Bonnie was nominated by a coworker for her compassion, integrity, reverence and excellence.

The coworker said she was having trouble breathing after walking a very short distance. Her boss, Bonnie, insisted on taking her to the ER. Bonnie stuck by her side during the many tests and helped her wade through all the questions that were asked.

A day later the coworker had triple bypass surgery.

“Bonnie saved my life,” said the coworker.

Bonnie kept the coworker’s family updated throughout surgery. Once she was in recovery, Bonnie bought comfortable PJs and food, and also did anything else the coworker needed.

“She didn’t have to go above and beyond for me, but she did, and she did with the love of Christ shining through her. I am blessed beyond measure to have a boss, friend, and superhero all in one person, Bonnie Ward.”