Dr. Navarro Named Service Hero at Hot Springs

Jenny Navarro, an internal medicine physician in Hot Springs, was recognized as a Service Hero for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE and COMPASSION.

A patient nominated Dr. Navarro, who said she embodies the 4 Cs: caring, competent, concerned and considerate.  The patient added a 5th C: compassion.

When she’s in the clinic, Dr. Navarro talks to the patient face-to-face and answers all of her questions.  If Dr. Navarro senses the patient is troubled by something or has a question, she’ll take the time to listen and spends the extra time with the patient if needed. 

The patient said during one hospital stay, she had Dr. Alex Navarro as her hospitalist & she asked him if he was married to Dr. Jenny Navarro.  When he said yes, the patient told him that he is one lucky man because Dr. Jenny Navarro is fantastic.