Employee Health Will Travel to All Departments to Offer Flu Shots

Employee Health will be working with leaders to schedule dates for flu vaccines to be administered within their work areas. You will no longer come directly to Employee Health to get your vaccine. There will also be scheduled dates at each hospital location in the near future for those unable to get their vaccine on their unit or department.

When will the vaccine be available?
This year we will be targeting high-risk areas first, beginning Sept. 28. You will be notified when the flu vaccine will be available in your area. We plan to have employee flu vaccinations completed by Dec. 4, 2020.

Am I required to have a flu vaccine?
Yes, we have a Mandatory Influenza Vaccination policy that applies to all personnel that includes all workforce members including employees, contracted employees, physicians, residents, temporary workers, and students; including those with and without direct patient care or contact. You can review a copy of the policy, by visiting the CHI St. Vincent Insider.

Are there any exemptions from taking the flu vaccine?
If you are requesting either a medical exemption due to medical reasons or religious beliefs, you must call Employee Health and provide documentation from your primary care provider or pastoral care team.

Employee Health, Central Arkansas: 501.552.3684
Employee Health, Hot Springs: 501.622.4701

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