Food and Nutrition Services Transition Planned for August 22

On August 22, the Arkansas market will be the first of the Southeast Division to transition Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) programs previously provided by Sodexo, to the CommonSpirit Health-(CSH) insourced model where the management team, clinical dietitians, and hourly staff are CommonSpirit Health employees. The transition will have three phases:

  • Phase 1 (August 22) : transition all Food and Nutrition Services Programs at St. Vincent Infirmary, St. Vincent North, and St. Vincent Morrilton to the CSH in-house program
  • Phase 2 (October 11) : transition all Food and Nutrition Services Programs at St. Vincent Hot Springs to the CSH in-house program
  • Phase 3 (February 2023): transition hourly staff from Sodexo payroll to CommonSpirit

This transition is led by an executive transition team, which includes Laurie Harting as the Executive Champion, Deisell Martinez Donahoe as the transition leader, as well as other division leaders, key area leaders including legal, HR, finance, supply chain, and communications, among others.

Some key changes and service updates you can expect on August 22 include:

  • Leadership
    • The Arkansas market will share a Market Director with Ohio. In addition, each of the facilities will have their own FNS leaders. Here is a link to the new FNS structure. We are still recruiting for the Market Director.
    • Angela Merritt, RD will be the Patient Services Manager at St. Vincent Infirmary
    • Shannon Clark will be the Production Manager at St. Vincent North. He will oversee FNS for both St. Vincent North and Encompass
    • Kelly Delph will be the Supervisor at St. Vincent Morrilton
  • Systems: We are transitioning to new Point of Sale (Volante) and Food Management (MealiQ) systems that will help us implement innovative strategies and solutions that we have been developing in-house to increase efficiency and improve patients’ and cafe customer experiences. Here is a link to the one page systems overview. The Volante Point of Sale System includes a self checkout feature
  • Patient menu and delivery model: We are implementing the CommonSpirit Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) patient services program, which includes:
    • Menus specific to each therapeutic diet, as well as common dietary accommodations such as gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian. Here is a link to a sample menu for the regular diet. Menus for texture modified diets follow IDDSI framework
    • The CSH Meal Delivery Model, where patients have the option to order meals from personal choices specific to their dietary needs. If they do not call to place an order, a “patient favorites” meal will be delivered automatically
  • Retail
    • New retail programs featuring cook to order service will be introduced. On the day of the transition, we will have a soft transition with new menus and point of sale systems. We will include Gluten Free and Plant Based meal options. Here are some featured menu items you can expect:
      • Soups: Mediterranean Vegetable (V, GF), New England Clam Chowder, Split Pea with Ham-GF
      • Grill Options: Southwest Philly Steak Sandwich (GF Available), Taos Garden Burger on Brioche (GF Available), Pork Carnitas Rice Bowl (GF)
    • We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve our menu for your market
    • After we stabilize from the soft opening, each facility will plan for a “grand reopening” for cafeterias and other retail areas based on input we receive from hospital staff and leadership. As COVID-19 safety requirements allow in the future, we look forward to opening additional service options

Providing nutritious food and meeting the dietary needs of our patients is a critical component of their overall experience and healing. As such, we are excited about the industry leading opportunities this transition brings, including:

  • Evidence based meal programs, patient diet manuals, policies, procedures, staffing /scheduling guidelines.
  • The opportunity to work with our Corporate Chef to align purchasing of food and supplies quality standards with our mission.
  • Unattended retail programs to provide staff with 24/7 meal options

Over these last few days leading up to and just after the transition, you will receive updates specific to our patient, retail, and other programs. Please feel free to send questions to the transition lead for Arkansas, Shannon Clark. He will work with the transition team to answer your questions, as well as add them to the FAQs as appropriate. You may also share your questions and feedback through this form.