Hannah Williams Recognized as Hot Springs Service Hero

Hannah Williams, RN, was recognized as a Service Hero in Hot Springs for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Hannah was nominated by a family who had recently lost their husband and father about battling COVID-19.

“While this was devastating to our family and one of the worst tragedies we’ve faced, your staff went well above and beyond what we expected.”

The family singled out the care and compassion Hannah showed throughout their loved one’s stay in ICU.

“She made the effort both while working and on her personal time, to reach out to us proactively with updates. She understood what we needed without us having to ask–she was phenomenal!

“Most of my experiences with hospitals, doctors and nurses has been very rigid and sterile, little emotion or care beyond the symptoms or illness. I don’t know if this is the culture you’re setting out to create or if this extends throughout your staff. But I can assure you, she should be a model for what hospital administrators should set out to build and develop.”