Holly Taylor Named Infirmary Service Hero

Holly Taylor was named Service Hero at Infirmary for displaying the values of COMPASSION.

Below is an excerpt of her nomination:

To live our Core Values while at work is one thing, but to show our Core Values as the parent of a patient is another. Holly Taylor was here as the parent to her 5 year-old son, Griffin, who was here for a small outpatient procedure. As many know, a small procedure to a child is not always so small. It is a scary time, as there is a fear of the unknown.

During the check-in process in the Outpatient Waiting Room, she observed several patients coming into the wrong check-in area. She witnessed these patients’ interaction with the Registration Desk and could see the frustration on the face of the patients, as they were very confused as to where they needed to go based on the instructions given to them by Registration.

Holly stepped up to help, not just one patient, but two patients, in finding the areas of the hospital they needed to go to. Holly left her 5 year-old son to help patients of the hospital she has worked for for many years. She understands what it is like being a patient. She understands the fears the patients’ experience. Her goal was to make sure the patients got to where they needed to be to have the procedure they were scheduled for. She stepped away from being a Mom to being a guiding light for these patients at this time of need.

She exemplified the compassion our Core Values define. We thank her for always showing compassion to everyone she meets.