Hot Springs Hosts MASH Program

Hot Springs is hosting it’s summer MASH  (Medical Application of Science for Health) program June 10-14. The MASH program is designed to encourage students to explore healthcare related careers.

This year’s class consists of  15 students:

Emoree Martin, Clay Cockerill, Rivers Nicholas, Madison Wood, Jaclyn Jasnocha, Savannah Muldoon, Nikki Cusher, Alyssa Zia, Lilly Moritz, Dayton Ditty, Jayci Gibbs, Dariana Robledo, Zoe Lengefield, Constance “Abby” Ecker, Kevin Diaz

Instructors:  Lana Lambert, Phillip Nahas and Kaitlyn Atkins

Representing schools: Lakeside, Lake Hamilton, Fountain Lake, Bismarck and Poyen.

The high school students observed health professionals and attended workshops.  The learning experience included Pharmacy, Rehab Therapy, CPR, Anatomy, Surgery and Emergency Medical Response.