Jill Ryan Named Service Hero for Compassion Shown to a Patient & His Pet

Jill Ryan, LPN, was recognized as a Service Hero by the Medical Group for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

An older man came to the Primary Care Clinic in Hot Springs late one afternoon for an evaluation after the physician had left for the day. The man was having sigificant issues with his pacemaker and was feeling terrible.

The staff at the clinic directed the man to the ER, but he was reluctant to leave his pet dachshund.

Jill took his dog home with her that evening and cared for it.

When the man was discharged from the hospital, Jill reunited the man with his pet the next day.

“I’ve been around a lot of issues with patients and nurse interactions and this is one I’ll never forget. Truly a gesture of love and caring for an older man and his companion during a critical time in his life.” ~Dr. Seth Barnes