Karen Street Named Service Hero in Hot Springs

Karen Street was recognized as a Service Hero in Hot Springs for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Karen, BSN, RN, CEN-PACU, was nominated for her work on the Clinical Ladder program, which encourages professional growth of nurses. 

As chair of the program, Karen has gone above and beyond to help encourage nurses to participate in clinical ladder within her own unit as well as many other units throughout the hospital. She has offered several in-services, participated in nursing fairs and created a Clinical Ladder Bootcamp on social media, where she posts reminders, answers questions and makes herself available to help others.

Not only has Karen encouraged others, but she has completed the Clinical Ladder process several times while encouraging and cheering on others.

In efforts to help her teammates, Karen went the extra mile and made several Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 binder examples to place on every nursing unit across the facility. The binders have tabs and examples to help guide nurses on how to put together a clinical ladder binder for submission. 

The time involved in doing this work goes above and beyond her role as a PACU nurse. Our nursing teams appreciate Karen and would like to celebrate all her hard work.