Latest Group of Patient Care Techs Graduate

Congratulations to our new Patient Care Technicians.

The PCT program allows interested individuals an opportunity to enter healthcare without a certification or degree requirement.

During the course, students learned medical terminology and how to take vital signs.

The new hires also meet the demand for more PCTs at the bedside. In the spirit of growing our own, the program develops individuals to become knowledgeable and skilled in applying our core values and best practices at the point of care.

The program was led by Clinical Educator Sarah Beeler, MNSc.

Class members included:
Germel Blade
Ashley Brown
Jamie Ellis
Barbara Erby
Seth Hannahs
Lewis Harkless
Tamara Hicks
Roshunda Johnson
Madisen Martin
Amber Siegler
Brittney Smith
Krystle Thomas
Kaitlyn Whitlow
Deidre Williams
Jasmine Winfrey