Latrice Branscomb Named Service Hero at Infirmary

Latrice Branscomb, RN, was recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

My coworker and I were between patients at the 3NE nursing station when my coworker became unresponsive.

Latrice was GREAT. She quickly understood the situation and jumped in to help. She got us a chair and helped me lower my coworker into it and made sure the UC was calling a first aid code.

She then went to get a Dynamap to check vital signs, remained with us until the code team arrived, and then got a manual BP cuff and rechecked vital signs.

Throughout the whole time she remained calm and professional and willingly gave us her assistance. Her help for my coworker made a huge difference in helping to quickly get the assistance to medical care needed at that time. I am so grateful she was there.