Mashayla Wright and Dr. Spencer Wright Named Service Heroes at Hot Springs

Mashayla Wright and Dr. Spencer Wright were recognized as Service Heroes at Hot Springs for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

A patient was brought to the hospital from a skilled nursing facility with a urinary catheter problem. In the ED the patient was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. 

Almost 3 hours after the patient’s arrival, nurse Mashayla Wright noted a change in the patient’s condition. The patient began to shiver, there was a decrease in the oxygen saturation, and they became hypotensive. Mashayla notified Dr. Wright, and immediately a blood culture was obtained and a fluid bolus was started. The patient ended up in ICU in critical condition. 

Because of the quick actions of Mashayla and Dr. Wright, this patient received the quick treatment they needed. The specific treatment bundle was met, and the patient was discharged back to the skilled nursing facility two days later. These guys did an amazing job!