Courtney Davis Recognized as Service Hero in Hot Springs

Courtney Davis was recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Courtney was nominated by her manager after she discovered an error and brought the concern forward. Courtney realized that an extremely vulnerable patient had been left off a list for follow up care, which could have had negative outcomes for the patient. 

When Courtney was thanked for bringing this concern forward, she responded by saying, “the babies are so special to me” and explained there was no way she could let a mistake like that go unaddressed. 

These sweet babies will never know that even after just entering this world they had an amazing and caring Social Worker looking out for them! Courtney was not looking to be recognized, but she deserves to be! She genuinely cares about her patients and their well-being and especially those babies.

Courtney was a true advocate by bringing this concern forward, and even though it may not sound like much, she went out of her way to make sure no babies were missed! She didn’t expect a thank you from anyone; she was just determined to correct the mistake, ensure the mistake did not impact others and prevent future mistakes. It was great to see someone do the right thing, even when it caused a lot of extra work for her on the back end!