Natalie Bryan Wins DAISY Award

Congratulations Natalie Bryan, RN, ICU, for being named a Hot Springs DAISY award winner in November.

Natalie was nominated by a coworker for her compassion towards a young patient who had been in the ICU for more than 30 days.

The patient’s mom and dad has been at their child’s bedside everyday. Mom had mentioned to Natalie that her birthday was coming up.

Natalie not only got a birthday card for the patient’s mom for all of us to sign for her, but also got her a present. She did not want mom to think that her birthday had been forgotten or missed because of the condition of her son.

Mom was brought to tears as she thanked Natalie. Natalie told the patient’s mom that she knew if her son was able, he would have made the day very special for her. The look on mom’s face demonstrated how much this meant to her.

“Couldn’t be more proud to work with such a caring, compassionate, and thoughtful nurse. Proud she is on my team.”