Tammy Smith Celebrated as Morrilton Service Hero

Congratulations Tammy Smith, executive assistant, for being named a Morrilton service hero!

Tammy was nominated by a coworker for displaying excellence.

The coworker who nominated her said Tammy goes above and beyond for all departments at the hospital. She never complains and is always willing to lend an extra hand.

Tammy not only cares about the staff, but also the patients.

There was a patient on the floor who had placed an order in the gift shop and the total was $12. He gave his card to Tammy to go get the things, but his card only had $14 on it. Tammy instead purchased it with her own money.

The coworker said Tammy is always showing compassion in every situation, always lifting everyone up in prayer and always willing to be there when needed.

“Mrs. Tammy is the heart of CHI St. Vincent Morrilton.”