Tour the Impella Mobile Learning Lab Nov. 13 at the Infirmary

You are invited to join the Heart Institute on Nov. 13 from 9am – 5pm at the Infirmary to tour the Impella Mobile Learning Lab! This hands-on unit gives health care providers an interactive firsthand look at the world’s smallest heart pump and other innovative products used in cardiac care.

Everyone is invited, especially cardiologists, cardiac nurses, catheter lab employees and others across central Arkansas!

Our Nov. 13 event will be the Mobile Learning Lab’s only stop in the state.

“This is a rare opportunity for clinicians here in Arkansas to learn more about one of the most innovative cardiology technology solutions available to patients,” said Marcia Atkinson, vice president of CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute. “Not only will this benefit CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute, others from across the state may also take advantage of this training event. The people of our community deserve the best therapies available, and this hands-on learning experience ensures we will be able to effectively use these devices.”

The Impella heart pump is a temporary device that assists the heart in pumping blood to the body’s vital organs, allowing it to rest and potentially recover. The Impella heart pumps are approved by the FDA to provide treatment during high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures, and in the emergent treatment of cardiogenic shock, a condition that typically occurs during or after a heart attack.

The Impella heart pump is the only therapy approved by the FDA as safe and effective for heart recovery in patients with advanced heart failure requiring Protected PCI, or patients in cardiogenic shock due to a heart attack.