Volunteer Edith Bowman Named Rotarian of the Year

It feels really good to be recognized for your constant hard work and dedication to whatever you do. That is why Edith Bowman, an Infirmary volunteer, was celebrated recently by the West Little Rock Rotary. Edith was awarded the prestigious honor of “Rotarian of the Year” for 2017-18.

Edith was recognized for her work with being a bridge between the Infirmary (where the weekly rotary events are held) and the rotary club. She sets up and takes down everything for this event each week and has been a constant source of help and knowledge for the club for over 20 years.

In addition to volunteering with the rotary club for 20+ years, Edith has faithfully served the CHI St. Vincent Auxiliary at the Infirmary since 1995. So, if you’re walking around the Infirmary anytime soon and see Edith be sure to congratulate her on this high honor. Thanks Edith! Your hard work and excellence as a volunteer does not go unnoticed.